TWiiNS – One Night Stand

TWiiNS – One Night StandRather the “One Night Stand” refers to the title of the new collaboration between the girls and the US rapper. Aww, and just when y’all thought I had some juicy celeb gossip to share – soz. But don’t worry you haven’t clicked into this post in vain, there’s still plenty to be scandalised by.

Gone are the earnest “butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth” sisters, who sang “I’m Still Alive” back in Germany. In their place we have a terrible twosome who’d cause even Miley Cyrus to blush. Set to an Avicii-esque backing track, with flavourings of dubstep, the TWiiNs seek, nay demand a one night stand – with YOU!!!

If there’s one thing we can take from this, it is that subtlety is not the sisters’ forte. Do you think they could be bothered with innuendo? Pah, why waste time coming up with a clever double entendre when you could be “taking down my dress, without leaving my address”. And Mr. Rida is no better “I wanna make you moan, I’ll beat the floor
so sexual”. Lovely.

Inspite of it’s crude lyrics it’s hard not to hum along. But is this a classic? Nope. It may be catchy but this is pure unadulterated disposable pop. And as with one night stands, you’ll soon find yourself skulking back to something more substantial.

What do y’all think?

TWiiNS are just the latest Eurovision act to team up with a global pop superstar. A Friend in London have worked with Carly Rae Jepsen, Agnetha Faltskog performed with Gary Barlow last month, while Lorde has cited Blue as a childhood inspiration.